Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Post #2 EDU 521

My lesson design and planning for each unit incorporates a lot of review and repetition as the teenage brain needs the constant review. Also I use a lot of memory tricks and review games in my teaching to reinforce the material as I know that many students believe that history is reviewing dates and memorization. I strongly believe that if the students are having fun and you present the information in a fun way they will be able to retain the information that will prepare them for when they take the test. I remember the videos in high school in which my teacher showed about how a bill becomes a law and to this day it still sticks. The most prominent form of memorization deals with emotions and feelings. I try to incorperate everything to them by relating the material to them so they can personalize it and make it there own. This will add to there connections prompting remembering the material. Teenagers are worried about their socialization skills and they don't want to be embarrased. The video mentioned that a parent would sing if the kids were doing something that they weren't supposed to do making them stop as they are a teenager. This works in my classroom because I have playful humor which will get the student back on task. I don't ever cross the line but it also makes me relatable to my students. Throughout the entire lesson my students are engaged. Whether its taking notes from an interactive PowerPoint or group projects; whatever the case maybe I always try to empahsize staying on task and putting their best foot forward to accomplish the learning goals. In doing so, the students respond well however some kids need the extra little boost to stay on task. When this is the case I pay more attention to them and set up guidelines of when they should be done.

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