Sunday, September 23, 2012

Implementing Teaching Strategies

There are a number of teaching strategies that I implement in the classroom from a wide variety of using multimedia to doing group activities. One strategy that I found to work quite well is the use of PowerPoints in class during lecture. Teaching 10th grade world history requires a great deal of notes and the way in which I found to be effective and stimulating for my students has been PowerPoint. With the use of PowerPoint I found out that my lectures are smoother as I have guide to help me get through the instruction. I also found it to be ascetically pleasing for the students as I put pictures and videos throughout the slides. In addition to the PowerPoint, I ask questions in which the students can receive a jolly rancher if they were to answer it correctly. I want to keep the energy up in the room and I do this through a fun and energetic PowerPoint in which all of my students are actively participating.

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